Dad Talk: 3

Today I left for work worried and helpless. Dad was in another bout of pain; he vomited the tea he had for breakfast this morning and his body was aching terribly. He said it feels like his back muscles/nerves are tangled, causing him much pain.

I could only rub his back. I was already running late for work. Thankfully, little sis is not working today, so I dragged her out of bed and told her to keep an eye on dad: massage his back, keep him company till he can fall asleep again.

I honestly don’t know what to make of his pain. Is the chemo working? Is it not? When he went to A&E two days back, doctors couldn’t find anything abnormal in his blood test. They told him his stomach pain is because of constipation and gave him stronger dose of lactose. Alhamdulillah (praises & thanks be to Allah), my dad managed to relive himself and he felt better.

But today seems to be another different kind of pain. I hate seeing my dad so weak and in pain. He’s lost so much weight, he’s skin and bones (except for his belly though ^^;). But anyways, I know this is his trial and it’s a trial on us his family members to watch him struggle. I take comfort in knowing that Allah doesn’t allow a calamity or hardship to occur on a believer except to cleanse us of our sins and to raise our degree in Jannah due to our patience. It’s hard to be patient, and therein lies the reward for the patient believer.

So as much as I am worried and feel helpless, I know this is nothing more than a test, especially a test of patience. May my dad and us the family members be able to pass this test with flying colors. And as advised by my beloved Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings of Allah be on him), always look to those more unfortunate than you. So I’m grateful, really, that at least my dad is here, in the flesh right before my eyes, to worry over. I cannot imagine the worry and fear and helplessness that grip the family members of those on board flight MH370. Truly, my prayers go out to them, and I believe in the wisdom of the Almighty that despite Man’s best effort, the wreckage is yet to be found. There is a lesson here than humanity needs to learn, especially those directly involved in this affair, and I pray Allah will make ease for them and guide them.



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