Review: Planet Cola


Woke up this morning with a headache that got worse once I reached Raffles Place mrt. So dropped by 7/11 to get a bottle of Coke to deal with it. Figured it will help ease it soon; am not keen to take panadol or aspirin early in the morning.

But instead of regular Coke, decided to give this brand a try since it was on offer: 2 for $2. And it’s halal-certified, yeay!


Well, this is sweeter and less gaseous than Coke. Has a slightly different taste/twang which I can’t quite explain. I think between Planet Cola and Coca-Cola, I much prefer this. But then again, I’m also more of a Pepsi fan than a Coke fan…

However, this drink is not helping with my headache at all. Maybe it has less caffeine in it? Or maybe it being less gaseous makes it less effective than Coke? I know with Coke I would always burp loud and deep, thereby expelling whatever bad gas buildup inside me? Yeah, my theory on how Coke helps with my headache is weird, and it’s not 100% true anyways.

So right now I’m left with an even more throbbing headache. Great!

Oh well, at least I get to try a new drink~


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