Review: Abaya Midah from Abaya SiFu


Today, I finally had the chance to wear one of Abaya SiFu’s new creations, the Abaya Midah.

Abaya SiFu is a Malaysian company specializing in making abaya that are based on shari’a requirements on women’s dressing i.e. loose, simple, modest.

The company is the brainchild on Mdm Shikin and her husband. They have a webpage but mostly operate via their Facebook page. They have also outsourced ordering to agents in various states within Malaysia. For me, the agent I go to is the one based in Johore (links at the bottom).

So I’m a regular customer. I have 5 abayas from them. Four of them came from their old collection, wherein they used the fabric peach kashibo. It’s got great drape, not too hot and quite opaque. Their stitchwork is quite good too. And they carry sizes up to 8XL. Awesome for sisters of all sizes~


Their new range of collections now use a variety of fabrics: English cotton, Vietnamese silk and Sakura silk.

Abaya Midah is made of Sakura silk (black fabric) whilst the floral sleeves and pleated panels are Vietnamese silk. Abaya Midah comes in four colors for the cotton bits: I chose purple. The fabrics are awesome! Much lighter and cooler than peach kashibo, and has a nicer drape too. I feel princessy in my Abaya Midah, which is done in the umbrella cut. I got complimented, which is a great testimony to how Abaya SiFu managed to make beautiful but shari’a-compliant abayas. Kudos to them!

Price wise, it’s really quite affordable. Of course, shipping can be the killer. For Singapore, shipping is RM$35 for a max of 2 abayas. And the only mode of payment is through Maybank bank transfer. For Singaporeans, do bear in mind there’s a S$15 transfer fee.

I have my eyes on their other designs. Hopefully I can get the rest soon, lol. I wish Abaya SiFu greater success and may their efforts be rewarded with Jannatul Firdaus~

Abaya SiFu (Webpage)
Abaya SiFu FB
Azza Busana – Johore AS Agent


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