Dad Talk: 4

Dad’s doing good these few days, alhamdulillah. He’s been eating more than usual, although of course, not quite enough to meet his daily calorie intake.

Still, it’s a huge improvement for us to see! He’s been eating fruits too, and that’s also good for the rest of us. Before his diagnose, we rarely eat fruits. Now, it’s a daily snack after dinner for us.

Occasionally, he’d complain about aches. But it doesn’t seem to be as painful as before so that’s good news too.

His next chemo session is on Tuesday. Kinda worried he’ll be going through the whole ‘not eating-in various pain’ cycle for another two weeks before he can finally get adjusted.

His hospitalisation leave will be over soon. He’s thinking of extending but I’m worried he might be released from his job. He’s still the breadwinner of the family. My pay and my sister’s won’t be enough to keep the family going or have the bills paid. It’s worrying… On one hand, I am scared if he loses his job, but on the other hand, I want him to take time to recover. I read chemo patients usually get progressively better by the third cycle…

Then again, I shouldn’t be worried. After all, Allah is Ar-Razak (The Provider). So if He wills that my dad should lose his job, there’s nothing we can do except accept this is another curveball in our trial and keep praying to Him that our rizq (provisions) be taken care of. But if He wills good for us, then truly we have been blessed.

Anyhow, no use worrying for now. Gotta get through day by day. May He strengthen our family further, amin…


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