Comel & The Journey to the Vet


Eyes big and wide, Comel sat huddled to the back of the cage. He’s rarely been out of the house and the last (and first) time he went on a journey was to the vet about 5-6 years ago to get sterilized. Now he embarked on his second journey, but this time round, to solve the problem of difficulty in pooping.

Brought him to a different vet, this time in Woodlands. Friendly staff, with a resident black macho cat named Carlos. Apparently, Carlos also stands guard at night and keeps the pets that are left overnight at the clinic company as there’s no humans around from 8pm to 9am.

So Comel’s problem is serious. He’s got a large solid mass inside of him and the vet recommended pumping some kind of fluid through his butt to get the stools out. If that fails, Comel will have to be on anesthesia and the vet has to dig out his stools.

That procedure costs a whopping $600!

So we’ve left Comel for the overnight care. Hopefully the fluid thing works. It’ll cost hundreds, no doubt, but not to such an extravagant figure.

This is yet another test for us as a family. Already we have to deal with dad’s chemo cost, which alhamdulillah, a significant portion of it gets subsidized by Medisave and Medifund but still we have meds and consultations to pay for.

Ah, our trials… I pray our sins get cleansed and that our ranks be raised as we endured them with patience. May He grants us ease soon for verily, with every hardship, there’s ease. Amin.


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