Post which has no title…

Wow, I’d thought it’d be easy to keep a blog in which I could just write whatever I’m feeling, wherever, whenever. Turns out not quite. Oh, well…

Anyways, dad is doing fine these few days. He started work yesterday. Previously, he’d told his colleagues/friends he was suffering from Stage I cancer. On the day of the second chemo, mum secretly called one of his friends and told him the truth: that dad doesn’t know he’s actually suffering from Stage IV lung cancer. So that friend was told to keep it a secret and to help keep an eye on dad when he returns to work. So yesterday, bless that friend and other colleagues and even his supervisor, dad was confined to the desk. He didn’t do any work, just slept a bit and walked around the area (he works at the power station). He said he felt dizzy after that, so perhaps it’s a good move that he’s given time to get his bearings. He didn’t eat lunch, because he couldn’t bring himself to eat anything from the canteen and only had pineapples (thereafter complaining at night about tummy ache, sigh).

So we’ll see how his second day at work is like. I worry for him when he steps out of the door. He can’t cycle to work anymore, so he has to walk slowly to the bus terminal and catch a bus to work. I tell him to take his time and not rush.

Comel has returned home from the vet on Tuesday evening. In the end, he had to do that $600 procedure. Poor cat was hyper when he came home, probably still buzzed from the anesthesia. He couldn’t sit still, eyes so big. He was also fighting off sleep, as if afraid if he woke up, he’d be back at the clinic. But now he’s ok, eating quite well but still not drinking enough water, sigh.

On a happier note, I bought Magic Bullet. I’ve been making smoothies and I love it, lol. I haven’t been making much stuff cuz I’ve been busy on weekends as well. Since last week, I haven’t been watching my calorie intake at all and I’m afraid to weigh myself, lol. I tend to eat a lot when I’m stressed; workload was quite heavy since last week, but hopefully by next week, everything will be back to normal pace. Oh, I forgot, next Tuesday is dad’s third chemo…

Oh, well, as normal as it can be then…


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