Salam (Peace). My name is June and I hail from Sunny Singapore. I created this writing space to keep myself from being too emotionally drained. See, my dad was diagnosed with lung cancer (which had spread to his bones as well) in February 2014. He’s now on chemotherapy. The family dynamic is such that although my mom is at home and she cooks, and I have two younger siblings, I somehow end up in the role as the primary caregiver. I may not be home most of the time since I’m working but I’m constantly checking up on him, monitoring his diet , making sure my mum knows what to do etc. So obviously, I’ve got a bit of mental stress going on here…

Anyways, I think I might also do a couple of product reviews or random reflections in here… it depends really on whether I’m in the mood to blog. I’m not a fashionista, not a baker or a cook, not a makeup lover, nor anything else… I have nothing I’m particularly good or passionate at, so really, moving with the direction of the wind here…

The name of this blog, however, refers to my direction in life. I seek Jannah i.e. Paradise i.e. Heaven i.e. Kingdom of The Almighty, Lord (Rabb) of the Worlds. It is the final abode, the truly eternal blissful life, free of worries. This world is merely a test, and so I seek every day to remind myself that everything I do in this world is really to invest for my future in the hereafter (in shaa Allah / if God wills)

That said, if somehow you ended up reading this and my posts, I bid you warm welcome~


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  1. Mama Bil Bayt
    Mar 15, 2014 @ 09:42:12

    Al Salam Alikum
    It is sad to hear about your dad Insha Allah he gets cured from it and insha Allah gives him sabr and ajr for what he is going through (and to all the Muslimeen insha Allah). This dunya is nothing but a world of hardships and the true “everlasting” happiness and relaxation will happen only in Jannah. Honestly, there is nothing in this world to be happy or sad about, because everything in it will disappear after some time (usually in less than 100 years for most us living these days – Allahu Alaam).
    Be strong and continue having high iman (this reminder is for me as well). Try to help your dad with his ibaadat and insha Allah that is what will benefit all of you.


    • hijabirani
      Mar 15, 2014 @ 09:51:53

      Waalaikumsalam, thank you for your naseeha. Yes, Jannah is where true happiness lies. Still, we are humans and we are blessed with emotions. I think being happy is a sign of shukr and being sad is a sign of humility. Of course, we have to always make sure we are not too immersed in our emotions and we have to always refer back to Him. Yes, good reminder that I have to help with his ibadaah. Thank you :). May Allah bless you and your family and give us all Jannatul Firdaus~


  2. mamabilbayt
    Mar 15, 2014 @ 11:20:08

    U r correct, we have emotions and we show shukr for what Allah blessed us with 🙂 of course i didnt mean we should never be happy lol just meant we should not feel we finally got what will make us ultimately happy as that thing is jannah. Wishing u all the best insha Allah with ur blog 🙂


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