Cetaphil Sample!


Yeay, my Cetaphil Cleanser sample is finally here! Think I applied for it last month? Or was it in Jan? Can’t remember, been preoccupied with too many things.

Now, as with eating healthier, I’ve also been making changes to my beauty products. I’m now on a lookout for vegan products, although I have a couple of products that still have SLS and stuff (am weak, man, to a certain nice smelling vanilla body wash from Body Shop). Anyways, I will probably review some of the vegan stuff I’ve been using, in shaa Allah~

So back to Cetaphil. I’ve been reading positive reviews on this product, especially by those with acne problems. Therefore when Cetaphil Singapore was giving out samples, I totally jumped on the chance.

So let the trial begin. Wanna see what Cetaphil brings to the table~