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Wow, I’d thought it’d be easy to keep a blog in which I could just write whatever I’m feeling, wherever, whenever. Turns out not quite. Oh, well…

Anyways, dad is doing fine these few days. He started work yesterday. Previously, he’d told his colleagues/friends he was suffering from Stage I cancer. On the day of the second chemo, mum secretly called one of his friends and told him the truth: that dad doesn’t know he’s actually suffering from Stage IV lung cancer. So that friend was told to keep it a secret and to help keep an eye on dad when he returns to work. So yesterday, bless that friend and other colleagues and even his supervisor, dad was confined to the desk. He didn’t do any work, just slept a bit and walked around the area (he works at the power station). He said he felt dizzy after that, so perhaps it’s a good move that he’s given time to get his bearings. He didn’t eat lunch, because he couldn’t bring himself to eat anything from the canteen and only had pineapples (thereafter complaining at night about tummy ache, sigh).



Comel & The Journey to the Vet


Eyes big and wide, Comel sat huddled to the back of the cage. He’s rarely been out of the house and the last (and first) time he went on a journey was to the vet about 5-6 years ago to get sterilized. Now he embarked on his second journey, but this time round, to solve the problem of difficulty in pooping.

Brought him to a different vet, this time in Woodlands. Friendly staff, with a resident black macho cat named Carlos. Apparently, Carlos also stands guard at night and keeps the pets that are left overnight at the clinic company as there’s no humans around from 8pm to 9am.


Dad Talk: 6

Last week was fun.


So dad had his 2nd chemo cycle last Tuesday. On Monday was his routine check-up as the doctor needs to be sure my dad’s doing ok before going for the chemo. Once again, I failed to be patient with my dad, who downplayed his vomiting/in-various-pain episodes before the doc. I kept having to contradict him, and the doc was just nodding away and it seemed whatever input we told him was not making much impression on him.

Perhaps it doesn’t, cuz y’know, he’s a doctor and whatever suffering and emotional roller coaster ride my dad and we as a family had to deal with was just really part of the expected whole she-bang and he’s used to it. Still… bleh!


Dad Talk: 5

I’m feeling very emotionally drained today. Since two days ago, Dad has been complaining of pain and body aches. He was doing quite well (refer to post 4) and this Tuesday is his second chemo treatment… now suddenly he’s back into this dreadful pain cycle. Today was the worst; he’s been complaining of pain since morning. He’s barely able to eat as food’s started to taste bitter again. He kept asking my brother and me to rub oil on his back and massage him. He’s been taking painkillers every 8 hours since yesterday and just now, at 9 pm, he wanted to take the tablets again but he last took them at 4 pm. He kept groaning and moaning and hitting his head because the pain’s got to there as well.


Respect to our Parents

Rain… A Rahmah


I love rain. I’ve loved rain ever since I can remember. I love how cooling the weather gets, I love the sound of rain, I love it’s fresh scent, I love how much more beautiful the world seems when it’s raining.


Dad Talk: 4

Dad’s doing good these few days, alhamdulillah. He’s been eating more than usual, although of course, not quite enough to meet his daily calorie intake.

Still, it’s a huge improvement for us to see! He’s been eating fruits too, and that’s also good for the rest of us. Before his diagnose, we rarely eat fruits. Now, it’s a daily snack after dinner for us.


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