Chicken Veg Wrap


Did another short round of grocery shopping yesterday. Am so happy to find ethically-fed chicken! So now I know where to get chicken from: NTUC Fairprice. And I appreciate the fact that this supplier/butcher highlights the fact that a sharp knife was used and the chickens were slaughtered according to proper rites. With news that some halal meat (from overseas mostly) are not really halal owing to practices not conforming fully to Islamic rites, a Muslim now has to be more careful in choosing meat especially from supermarkets and hypermarts.



Of broccoli failure, lunch achievement and Dad Talk: 2

Made roasted broccoli yesterday. Cut the broccoli into its florets, coated with canola oil, seasoned with salt and pepper and popped into oven. After the florets turned brown and a kind of nice baked – albeit veggie – aroma filled the air, took them out and tossed with lemon juice and parmesan cheese. And proceeded to sample one…